sharing the love

we're back at the house for the last bit of cleaning and to hopefully get all our stuff loaded in the car. sharing a quick iphone pic of sky, from yesterday, during a cleaning break.  we were all hot, sweaty and completely drained.  and well...taking a picture just makes my heart happy .  and by the end of the day yesterday, i really needed a bit of happy.  took a few polaroid photos too, but scanner was already packed and on the truck.

as for our travels, we will be staying with our friends in kansas city, for the next three days, departing kansas on june 30th. overnight stop in IL. three days in WV (attending a wedding there on the 3rd). overnight stop in GA. and finally arriving in tampa the evening of july 5th.  we will be hard core house-hunting, as steve would like to make an offer on a house by july 12th -- so that we can get as close to closing as possible by the time schools start, august 24th.

again, thanks to all those, who have supported and encouraged me this past year in kansas.  and here's to many more incredible adventures during our three years in tampa.