moving day officially tomorrow. i can hardly believe it!! but it's true -- and the boxes that surround me and the ABF moving truck, which sits in my driveway, now set a constant reminder. so many emotions -- gratefulness, sadness, excitement, stress and anxiety -- to mention a few. and a whole lotta chaos!!

tonight, as we continued the packing of our house, we came across this hat, which i bought a long time ago for photos and never used. sky casually put it on and sat in the chair. i glanced over and the light was stunning. i had about a minute or two until she was done -- the hat was off and she was back to playing.

about 30 minutes later, sky called me outside,

momma, hurry. hurry outside. the sunset is beautiful.  hurry momma...hurry.

it took me a minute because of course, i had to grab my camera. and when i went out the basement door, there the three were...and my heat melted. it kind of encapsulated these last days of moving and...doing our best to simply enjoy and make the best of things.

sawhorses, a circular saw, a recently cut piece of wood, and the kids...realizing that it's the perfect place to draw and color together.

yes, the sky was beautiful but hard to photograph from our backyard.  but we sat and watched it together.

so tomorrow, we begin our hotel living.  we will remain in KS until the 30th.  then  head to WV, for a wedding on the 3rd.  we plan to arrive in tampa on july 6th, when the serious house hunting | looking continues.  we're  hoping to commit to a house in the first week or two, as we have to get as close to closing as possible before school starts, on august 24th.

hoping to keep in touch and blog while en route.  i will definitely do my best!!  thanks for all the incredible support this past year!  and an amazing year in KS, it's been.