our adventure

while our adventure has already begun -- being out of our house -- i feel it officially begins tomorrow morning, when we depart kansas.  and i'm going to really try and embrace this journey, from kansas city to tampa.  i'ts much more than a beginning and an end.  it's a pretty fabulous adventure... special time with the kids.  being together.  seeing, experiencing and embracing new places and things. 

while no one can deny that moving is stressful, we're pretty damn lucky to have these travel opportunities.  i mean from this point on, it's a vacation...right?  the hard part is over (until we get to tampa and the house hunting begins).  oh wait, we do have a carsick dog, but we'll ignore that part of the adventure for the moment. 

anyways, we've done our best to teach our kids how very lucky we are, as a military family -- to see, experience and live in different states, meet new friends, etc.  and with this trip, i'm hoping to (i mean, going to) have my camera by my side to document it all -- something i haven't done in the past.   we'll see how it goes but i'm optimistic...and excited.  :-)

my dear friend, erin darcy, posted this on my facebook wall a while back and it sends shivers down my spine.  such beautiful words.  such beautiful thoughts...

the story on your quilt is unfolding beautifully... torn threads that have to be pulled and re-sewn. new pieces brought in that make the rest of it come alive. worn patches with loving fond memories. you bring it with you every where you go. along the road. from one home to the next. ...always wrapped in love.