my muse

...turned seven a couple days ago.  and today, we went behind our house to do her seven-year-old pictures. we wiped the chocolate off her face.  threw on a quick dress that was lying around.  added a flower to her hair and a necklace.  a pair of new socks and sparkly, dirty tennies we went.

she picked flowers. and did her own thing. as she always does. i shot. and every now and then asked her to look at me. it always goes something like, sky, can you look at me. like this...just for a second. and she does. for a second. and then goes back to doing her own thing. and i keep doing mine. we just get each other that way.

skyler grace, you are an amazing, amazing child. you keep me on my toes and my guess is that you always will. you make me laugh like no other. your giggle actually makes strangers laugh -- yes, it's that great. you're wise beyond your years. you're witty. you're fabulously messy (shoe here, the other there, back pack in a different spot and jacket somewhere else)...and i love that you are (although i might not share that with you when you're a teen). you're head strong. you hear everything and inquire about everything and then soak it all in. we call you our steel trap and we tell you that you have ears like a bat. you're smart, you work hard and your teacher's adore you. you can be the girliest of girls but kick any boys butt if you wanted to.

when i asked sky to give me her seven-year-old look -- any look -- this is what she gave me (and yes, the glasses had to be a part of the look). when kiele saw the photo as i was editng, she said,

mom, skyler is so going to be one of those girls that hangs out in the clothes stores. you know, the ones who wear those big glasses and stuff.

and i think kiele might just be right.  :-)

i love you sky -- and i thank you for being such a wonderful, kind, giving, strong child. i have no doubt that you are going to go amazing places over the years!! thank you for being confident and being you!! happy seventh birthday sweet girl.

here's a few more from our time together this evening.