yes, i'll admit it.  i'm a stress case right now.  fluttering between convincing myself i'm strong and i can get through this transitional phase of out-of-control-craziness and wanting to sit in a corner and cry. and cry i did a bit earlier, to my cherished friend, leah.  she listened and then said,

it's ok.  you always seem so strong.

yes, it's my nature.  it's my coping mechanism, from childhood.  i. am. strong.  and i can get through anything.  but the combination of packing up a house, trying to find a house halfway across the country, losing my client information site, not being able to get in contact with my old server guy and trying to figure out how to properly transfer my online proofing site to another server, when it's all a bunch of foreign language type of talk...basically has set me over the edge.  and poor leah just asked the right question at the right time, to have me in tears.

with that being said, i know that everything will be okay and will work itself out in the end.  i just have to go with it right now and know that i'm not superwoman as much as i try to be.

and so i'm tampa, for a day of house looking.  i will be looking at 10 houses in about six hours and then fly back home.

kind of crazy. but life is crazy and life is good.

and just when i was at my worst today, i got this sweet note from a recent san diego client, which had me in tears all over again. but for the best of reasons.

i. am. blessed.

I don't mean to sound strange/odd--but it was just such a joy to meet you and I just loved your spirit, your honesty, your passion for your kids and life in general--I told D sometimes we meet people and even if it's just for a snipit in life, they make our lives a little thank you for making our lives a little richer and capturing our family with the big heart that you have!!

closing with a few underwater super-love out takes -- that make me oh-so-happy.

and now i really gotta run or i'm going to be late for my flight.