what's for dinner?

so yesterday i still wasn't feeling the best.  cramping at a minimum but still nauseous and rather tired (although 1:30 AM seemed to come rather quickly, for being so damn tired).  looking and feeling like i just crawled out of bed, i decided to take the kids to PF changs for dinner.  it's kiele's ultimate favorite and well, she took care of me the day prior, so i kind of felt like i owed her something special.  i ordered the kids their standard--one order of honey chicken for the three to share.  me...i ordered a cup of egg drop soup, hoping to soothe the belly.  we get our food and all are enjoying their meals, when all of a sudden, i feel something in my mouth.  a bit freaked out, i spit...and in my hand lay my tongue ring, which i proceed to giggle about and show the kids.  it just so happened as i was spitting what seemed to be some foreign object that came from my soup into my hand, the manager walked by.   MA'AM!  oh my gosh.  did you just find something in your soup?

oh no.  it's just my tongue ring.  that's all.  the soup is delicious, i replied with an embarrassed giggle.

oh! my! gosh!  i was actually mortified.  yep, that's all...just spitting out my tongue ring.  oh my gosh!  for those of you that have never met me, i have a bit of a rebellious side (just a bit)...i have a tongue ring (for 10 years) and a nose ring, along with a few tattoos.  if i was 10 or so years younger and could do it again, to my husband's dismay, i'd have my entire arm tattooed and probably a few more piercings.  

when i had my surgery, i had to take off all my jewelry, to include my nose and tongue ring.  apparently when putting my tongue ring back in, i didn't tighten it quite enough.  oh well, hopefully the manager was relieved that my egg drop soup was quite delicious and contained no foreign objects...and had quite the story to tell his wife when he got home.


and tracking back to last weekend... i had the most wonderful opportunity to go to yuma and photograph a couple families.  one of them is a dear friend of mine, that moved from san diego to yuma last year.  the other--a family that owns a farm, making their living selling the produce they farm.  and the farm, my friends, is a total other world for me.  i'm pretty afraid of farm animals, of all shapes and sizes.  but, i didn't get close to the animals and they didn't get too close to me and i had the most amazing time.  it was a blast to shoot another scenery. i had so much fun shooting my friend's family and the O family...with their beloved cows, which will go to the fair to be auctioned off this weekend, to ultimately end up on the winning bidder's dinner table (poor chip).  yep, did i mention that it's a different world.  here's a little peek of the first few photos i've edited.  fun on the farm ;-)