flexibility is the key

 if you are truly flexible...there is really very little you can't accomplish in your lifetime.- anthony robbins

remember how i said, in a previous post, that nothing is firm in the military until orders are in hand (and even then, i can't say that it's 100%). well, the roller coaster continues...

the latest...we're moving this summer, to rhode island for a year (and then who knows after that).  steve will be earning a second masters degree there.  i guess this is pretty firm but, steve still wants to inquire about a fellowship in DC, that was recently announced. he's not sure if he's eligible to apply so he's supposed to call the coordinator on monday. yes!  flexibility...it's one of the major keys in being a military spouse.  that along with lots of strength and understanding.

at one time i had said that there was no way that i would move for only a year...because of kiele's school needs. there's a lot of accommodations that need to be set up for kiele's deaf/hard-of-hearing needs (deaf itinerant teacher, FM system, transcription, etc.) and that takes a lot of time, organization and upfront work. some schools districts are definitely easier than others and i really don't know until i get the ball rolling.  san diego has been one of the best.

but after doing 3 1/2 months of being all and doing all, i'm not sure i could do another year by myself, right after this 7 month deployment. while i consider myself strong and we do just fine...being apart for so long just plain 'ole sucks.

in the end, i've decided that the most important thing for all of us is that we just need to be together.  and i will bust my ass to make sure that kiele gets all the educational accommodations she needs in the classroom.

ETA:  i received this from steve, after i told him that i was excited to go to RI together as a family: That is awesome babe. I am REALLY excited about living together. Love you and looking forward to being home, our cross country trip to Newport, and lots of time at home!   it's just funny to me how we can have such conversations and they are normal. should such a conversation be normal?

and because i think every post needs a photo, here's ryder shooting me, with his preschool-made camera.