what is Heaven?

Heaven is pretty, colorful, really big and very far away. Jesus, Joseph, Mary, animals, old people and sick people live in Heaven. - A, age four

Heaven is brown. Angels are in Heaven. Dogs are in Heaven. Kitties are in Heaven. People are in Heaven too. Cake is in Heaven. In Heaven, there are dresses. Jesus lives in Heaven. - G, age three

Heaven is like space. There is cotton candy and lots of love. There is gold on the streets and fireworks. Jesus lives there and lots of people. - R, age four

Heaven has Jesus, but I don't know what else because I've never been there. - D, age five

a friend of mine shared with me today, that i haven't blogged in a while and he wondered if i was okay. well...i'm okay! i've been donating a lot of work lately and i've basically been caught up in that (and life without a husband around).

preschool photos a book for one auction 1st grade photos 2nd grade photos a book for another auction photos for a family, with a boy with progressing cancer photos that i donated for an auction last year

and it all takes time. i love it but yes...it does takes time. and that's what i've been doing lately. it feeds my soul, but i do know that i have to be careful. can one give too much? i don't think so but, i really do have to be careful because i can get so caught up in the giving, i won't have time for my own family. so, in the end...as usual, it's all about balance.

above are a few of the quotes from the book and below is a screen capture of the preschool book that i'm working on (although not quite finished yet; i'm missing a few things still), which will be auctioned off at the school auction (FIFTY-TWO GLIMPSES OF HEAVEN | a preschool project). i did portraits of all 52 preschool kids and then had each of them draw a picture of Heaven and describe their picture. their pictures and words are truly priceless.

don't ever forget to give when you can.  it feels so good.