Uluwatu, Bali and the Monkeys (Part II)

Yes, another beach share, but really...can one get enough of beaches in Bali. We couldn't. This beach was a bit tougher to navigate because of all the coral but goodness was it beautiful. 

On our way home from Uluwatu, we stopped at a Temple that had free-roaming monkeys, similar to the monkeys you hear about in Ubud but these monkeys are supposed to be a bit more friendly. Even so, you are warned about the monkeys upon entry (don't touch, keep your distance, remove your sunglasses, etc.). We listened to their warnings and ventured in hoping to see a monkey or two. Not only did we see a ton of monkeys, we saw a monkey steal a man's sunglasses off his head, while he was photographing his wife. After about 15 minutes, when the man didn't do anything (except beg the monkey to give him back his expensive sunglasses), the monkey ran down the railing and stole a woman's prescription glasses off her face, while also scratching her. Someone ran to get a staff person, who threw the monkey a bag of food and in turn, the monkey returned the glasses. Naughty and very clever monkeys! All in all, it was an amazing day full of sun, sand, the ocean and a whole lot of monkeys.