Pantai Tagal Wangi, Bali (Part I)

So grateful for this time in Bali in August with friends AND Steve. Yes, Steve was able to join us for one week, taking a bit of vacation time off the ship (we had been apart from Steve for almost eight months by this time). We are so lucky to have dear friends, who live in Bali and who we absolutely adore -- so Bali really ends up being a magical, full-of-adventure holiday for us, while also being rather laid back at the same time. I have quite a bit to share from our Bali travels, so I'm going to break up Bali into a few posts.

First up was our trip to Pantai Tagal Wangi. We arrived at high tide, which we were initially bummed about because that meant large crashing waves on the shore.  Of course, it didn't discourage the kids one bit. This beach ended up being the kids favorite of all the beaches we visited while in Bali. They had so much fun jumping the waves and by the time we were getting ready to go (after many hours), the kids were able to enjoy a bit of evening time in the large tide pools.