fav finds | twenty-five

this week has been busy prepping for our upcoming wallflower friends retreat, along with trying to knock lots of things off of my to-do list.  and what a great segue into this week's fav finds... a couple of these to-do lists are on their way (i'm a huge written to-do list gal)

really want a big bag like this

love everything about this photograph -- shirley temple in the 30s

vintage hand-stamped silverware

i could find a fav find at free people every week

give freely

what a great print to way up to in the morning

i think i'm going to start a ransom box for toys AND clothes

tons of awesome real simple cleaning tips

love the idea of adding a bit of neon to your planters

each and every time i look at vivian maier's work, i'm blown away by how incredibly amazing she was -- for the pure love and passion of taking photographs

pretty cool website

steve and i have talked about doing a home outdoor movie since ryder was a baby

love your decisions

must make this non-dairy, sugar-free strawberry ice cream soon!

loving this blog for getting crossfit workouts that i can easily do at the gym OR at home

my fav photo of the week -- which happens to include a couple super hero rabbits (one with a full leg cast), a tagged toothless rabbit, a little one wondering WTF those things were on her head, an elephant with a sword and a couple others.