do you want to make it happen?

watch this (regularly) for inspiration.

i loved these thoughts so much, i wrote down her ten tips for making it happen and posted them to my inspiration board.

01 | you'll figure it out strike 'i don't know what to do from your vocal

02 | life is on your side everything that you have done has brought you to this point. that's a lot of life force.

03 | start fresh beginners mind is an open mind. an open mind innovates.

04 | fear is natural fear is part of creative process. keeps you alert.

05 | make tough choices you can't have it all but you can always do great things.

06 | passion is fuel aim for passion. balance is a myth.

07 | come out declare and share your dream. you're accountable and help able.

08 | do it now don't let perfection become procrastination. launch and learn.

09 | you're growing everything is progress.

10 |integrity do what you say you're going to do. every day, do a little more of what you want to be doing.

11 |focus you CAN make it happen. [danielle laporte]