their story

i saw this story on 503 photography's blog this morning. and while i've heard of storycorps [more times than once], i'm not sure i've ever listened to one of their stories. but i will now! after watching this [please watch it till the very end]...

while i have tears rolling down my cheeks, i can't get over how beautiful this story -- and their love -- is.

i think i'll start my every morning, after dropping off the kids at school, listening to a story.  what a great way to start the day.

have a story? everyone does, right?! i remember many years ago, when good morning america [i think it was good morning america] drove an RV around the US stopping in various cities.  they would then find a phone booth, open the phone book to a random page, point their finger at a name and that's whose house they would hear their story. loved the concept. loved the series. anyways, here's how you can record your story with story corps [either at one of their studio or mobile locations, do-it-yourself or sponsored door-to-door service.

thanks jessica for the awesome share and making my day a bit more beautiful and hopeful.