fav finds friday | week three

i really long for one red chair in my house [although i have no idea where i'd put it]. it can be from anywhere; just a cool red chair.

anthropologie has some awesome christmas stuff in their store right now.  much of which could inspire do-it-yourself holiday projects.  can't wait to make something like this...

i wish i was a better thrifter and sewer.  i'd be all over finding sweaters and making this [made from an men's XL sweatshirt].

so smart. doing this as soon as i have enough toilet paper rolls.

creating a healthy snack station, in the fridge, for the kids.

these are pretty darn fabulous. and pretty darn expensive too.

i've been a long time user of allrecipes.com. i love that i can sort the recipes by rating and popularity. it's just so easy. and maybe i'm a creature of habit.  also, over the past few weeks, i've been putting together 2-3 crockpot recipes sunday evening and then freezing them.  it's so awesome having 2-3 meals done for the week.  just pull out the ziploc bag from the freezer, thaw for 30 minutes, place in slow cooker, add the liquids...done!

had this buffalo chicken dip at a party i went to last weekend.  OMG...amazing.  she made it with rotisserie chicken [instead of canned] and served it with tortilla chips and red pepper slices.  i will be bringing this to all future parties. it's that good.

although i have to say, this is my other party favorite -- tastefully simple beer bread and garlic garlic dip.  it's always a huge, huge hit, whenever i bring it. my friend, gwenn, is a TS consultant, so if you want to purchase anything, her ID number is 0042780.

last but not least...finding out today that my awesome partner-in-crime, during my last two years in the military [we were health-care-integrator nurses together] just got selected for an air force PhD scholarship.  she'll be moving closer and i can't wait to see her.  it's been almost nine years. i LOVE when great things happen to great people.  i couldn't think of a more deserving person.  love and miss you laurie!!  i'm so proud of you!