underwater adventures

for the past few days (as i shared yesterday), i've been in a funk.  the dark place, my head sometimes takes me.  feeling paralyzed.  not wanting to pick up my camera...for anything.  yesterday, one of my photographer friends said, GO UNDER WATER! yea, maybe. whatever. we'll see...

...were my thoughts.

but i forced myself to get out there. my kids were playing in the pool. i picked up my camera, put my housing together, jumped in the pool and shot. and i'm so grateful i did. i'm not completely out of that dark place i was in, but i'm surely seeing the flickering of the light now.  sometimes forcing yourself to pick up your camera is exactly what it takes.

i'm just so excited about my upcoming underwater adventures. it's hard. really hard.  there's so many new / different things to think about and factor in.  but like everything in photography, it takes passion, time, dedication, practice and patience. today, i hope to try again (providing i have some willing subjects). i have ideas.  i'm excited. i do believe it's a direction i'm meant to be heading and i can't wait to see where it takes me. i know i have tons to learn and so much to explore, but i'm welcoming it all with open arms.