being a gypsy

i just discovered this photographer, iain mckell, via a friend's pinterest board.  and his the new gypsies series takes my breath away. i connect so deeply with this photograph...

copyright iain mckell

what is it?  the fact that i feel the image is so soulful?  or maybe that i i think, this could have been a photo of me...IF i grew up as a gypsy.  and i wonder, is it as fabulous as i think it might be...growing up as a gypsy?  living the gypsy life? there's a part of me that so longs to throw all our shit away and just be gypsies.  just be free.  to be.

i'm in a bit of a funk right now.  it happens from time to time.  and with that said and the busy craziness of fall approaching, i thought it was a perfect time to get this powerful and motivational video recirculating.