the joy of giving

i am just a human being.for me, everyone is the same... what is the ultimate purpose of life? it's to give. start giving. feel the joy of giving. - narayanan krishnan

i saw this on someone's blog (can't remember where) earlier in the week and didn't have time to watch.  today, i saw it again on my friend, crystalyn's, FB stream.  and watched.  let me just say that i was moved to tears.

a former professional chef in a five-star restaurant in india. now feeding the homeless, mentally ill destitute and old people, who have been left, uncared for. but not only caring for their nutritional needs, he goes further...

this man is so much more than a kind and decent man. he is an absolutely amazing and inspiring man.  he could have stopped at nutritionally feeding these people in need, but he didn't.  i would love to give so incredibly, so selflessly -- one day.

for the moment, it really has me thinking about how i can give more. give greater. right here. right now. i know i can be doing more.