coming home

tomorrow morning, i head to virginia beach, to see one of my best friends and her family.  but what makes this visit even more magical is that i'll be photographing mike's return, from his 7-month deployment.  AND he will be seeing his 10-week old daughter for the first time.  i love this family like my own family and cannot wait to see them and capture this most amazing time in their lives. the below image is sky -- april 2009, as we prepared for steve's homecoming.

and i know i posted the photo below a few posts ago but...this is steph, mike and their first child, liam, who is now 4-years-old.  steph and i met, when she was one of my first clients four years ago.  and now, i'm so grateful that we're the best of friends. :-)

along with the homecoming photos, i'm hoping to get a new family photo for them -- celebrating their family of five and being together again.

and now back to packing.  i have to not only pack my stuff, but also get the kids all packed.  i return monday night and then our family heads to nevada tuesday morning, for the holidays.

so very excited. about everything!!