together again

i first met martha in march 2007, when we got the girls together for this photo shoot.  i think we had mentioned back then how ellie and sky kind of look alike.  well...really, they don't, but there's something about the two of them -- so similar.  maybe a bit hauntingly similar.  we both see it.  not sure if anyone else does, but we do.

and i couldn't believe when martha sent me some recent pics of ellie.  i paired one of them with a photo of sky and sent martha the diptych in an email...

left photo courtesy of martha | i see the moon photography.

we've been chatting the past few days -- dreaming of getting the girls together again.  we'll figure out a way to do so in 2011.  we're determined.

can you just see it?  see them TOGETHER in photos? i can! oh my!  we have big plans for the two of day -- soon!!

p.s. martha is one of the most passionate, emotional, creative, talented, kind, wonderful women i have ever met.  please take a minute (or two or three or...) to check out her incredible work.