hope through photographs

last night, we finally got around to watching born into brothels (2004).

OMG!  amazing. sad. painful. disturbing. powerful. hopeful. incredible. inspiring. just a few words that come to mind, when i think about the movie.  seriously, i highly recommend to all.  and i just came across this update, as i longed to know what happened to the kids.

you can also see the kids, who were featured in the movie, and some of their incredible photographs here.  looks like the hope house was supposed to start construction late 2010. i wonder if they started building?

This will be a nurturing safe haven where up to 100 girls from Calcutta's red light district can come to live and develop the strength and skills to change their own circumstances while remaining connected to their families.

and now i seriously long to watch this documentary -- marwencol.

you can see mark hogancamp's photographs here.  and a list of theaters, where the movie will be showing in the coming months -- here.  i'm so hoping the movie eventually comes to tampa (or somewhere closer than four hours) or i guess i'll just have to wait till it comes on netflix.