i am a crossfit woman

adding onto yesterday's post... I am a CrossFit Woman I sweat I grunt I curse I bleed

I am a CrossFit Woman I will not shy away from failure I will not hide my emotions I will not hold back I will not quit

I am a CrossFit Woman I am a competitor I am a daughter I am a mother I am a friend

I am a CrossFit Woman I am confident I am healthy I am beautiful I am strong

I am a CrossFit Woman

- adpated from the 'i am a crossfit woman' poem written on the wall at the jaguar box

shawna shared this in a comment yesterday, on my blog. she's accomplished amazing things and does crossfit on her own, at her regular gym. i, like her, will never be the strongest. or the fastest. and i'm okay with that. crossfit can be very competitive but the only person i'm in competition with is myself. i compete with me, in an effort to achieve and hopefully exceed my personal goals.

and...courtesy of crossfit jaguar.  me, at the box.  doing swings. it ain't pretty. but it's real.

crossfit is the toughest...most amazing thing i've ever done.  i do a lot of cussing.  and saying, "i can't".  only to be quickly reminded that I CAN!!