5-week update

yesterday was exactly five weeks since my start of crossfit and my pre-crossfit measurements.  i decided that i would love to post a 5-week update and so asked my trainer if she would do my measurements (so that i could include with my update).  she said that normally she doesn't do them this early but if i wanted them done, she's game. and so we did... i started crossfit because i truly believed (from what i heard from others) that it would be a perfect fit for me and my personality. i've been doing crossfit for the past five weeks, with a trainer (paula), every monday-wednesday-friday. after the first workout, i could barely walk. and i've been sore almost every day since, but it's a comfortable sore, if that makes sense. today is actually a little worse but that's because yesterday was a workout filled with squats, deadlifts and bench presses.

along with crossfit, i have also tried to just watch what i eat a bit more. nothing crazy...just opting out of carbs a bit more than i did previously. if i want dessert, i eat a bit of dessert. i still drink coffee and have soda, when i want it. in recent years, i haven't been a terrible eater and i've never been one that eats a lot. my husband has always joked that kiele (our now 13-year-old) eats more than me. but i just eat when i'm hungry. and stop when i'm full.

i've worked hard. and am especially proud because much of the past five weeks, we have eaten out (living here, there and everywhere).

i've lost four pounds, four percent body fat and two inches in my waist. my arms are the same. my thighs are  3/4 inch larger.  my trainer couldn't believe my results, in such a short time.  and neither could i.  i couldn't be happier!!

PRE weight (with shoes): 123 pounds body fat: 27.6% waist: 31 1/2 inches

POST weight (with shoes): 119 pounds body fat: 23.5% waist: 29 1/2 inches

without a doubt, i will continue crossfit although i'm probably only going to do one or two days with a trainer and do the other days with the group. my original goal was simply to get my body fit and in shape.  that goal remains the same -- but fitter and stronger.  i long to wear a bikini this summer, as i haven't worn one since 1996 (pre kiele). i didn't think i was overweight prior to crossfit, but i knew i was out of shape (or as i called it, fluffy).

i'm a firm believer in everything in moderation. and sometimes i worry about others, who lose weight with the aid of crazy diets, drastic measures, etc. remember that different strategies work for different people. find the strategy that is a good fit for you, your body and your personality.  like anything...do it right and do it well.  do something you can stick with long term.

i feel so great -- healthy and strong(er). and can't wait to see what the next five weeks has in store for me.

here's my pre-photos (taken may 12th, when i told myself that i was going to start getting fit, but i didn't) and post-photos (taken today). i tried to get in the exact same position. and did nothing to either of these photos.

i'd love to hear about your getting fit | getting healthy journey. please share in the comments. lets keep inspiring one another.  i waited till 40.  i hope that you won't wait that long.  find what works for you and...go for it.  what's stopping you?

have a question?  please ask and i'm happy to answer in another blog post.