on a mission

my mission:  get in shape!  i long to be physically fit and healthy.  i'm not overweight, although i could stand to lose a few pounds.  but i really want to get tone -- especially my mid-section.  and i'm determined.  i feel like i've talked smack quite a few times now about being ready, moving forward, etc.  but, shall i say...i'm really serious this time!!  i have no excuses.  all three of my kids are going to be in school this year.  in the past, my free time revolved around photography and the computer.  but not anymore.  my free time is going to revolve around my workout.  once that is scheduled, everything else can be scheduled and take place. i've signed up for 12 private crossfit sessions, to learn the exercises and ensure proper technique.  i've always felt crossfit would be a good fit for me.  everyone has their ways -- their ways to lose weight, get in shape, etc.  for me, the bigger the challenge, the more i love it.  i've also been trying to eat healthier.  no crazy diet or anything, as i'm a FIRM believer in moderation when it comes to eating.

saturday was my first crossfit session.  so fricken hard.  sunday, i could barely walk and squatting to the level of the toilet was beyond painful.  this morning, my quads are still killing me.  but i'm going to the box (as the crossfitters call their gym) and i'm ready for whatever my trainer throws my way.  we're also weighing, taping and taking pictures today.  and i'm hopeful that i'll see some results, even after just four weeks.  too optimistic?  maybe, but who cares.  dream big, right?

i also wanted to share with you a new blog that my local friend, heather, told me about.  i'm really loving it...a momma blog that focuses on fitness, healthy recipes (even desserts), workouts and more.  check it out -- trainer momma.

and here's some food blogs that i love, which i think i've shared before, but never hurts to share again. real food. good food. smitten kitchen cafe zupas

i hope i can encourage you to make a health goal for yourself.  and together, let's encourage one another and stick to it.  i'll be facebooking about my journey and will occasionally share here on my blog.

in closing, i decided to post some before photos i took of myself on may 12th (a time where i was talking smack).  like i said, i'm not overweight.  but i am fluffy (or puffy or squishy or out-of-shape or whatever you want to call it)!!

and off i go...to my morning crossfit session.

ETA:  i survived workout two.  measurements:  5'5", 122 lbs, 31 inch waist and approximately 27% body fat.  i didn't care so much about the other measurements.

oh yea, i also got the number to a milk co-op, where i can get fresh milk, butter, cream and eggs.  i am so darn excited!!