from coast to coast

san diego will always hold a special place in my heart (for many reasons).  and i can honestly say that i loved our one year in kansas -- the fields, the green, the cows, the country, the slowness, the family time. it was a magical year. but here we are now, in tampa FL, and i am thrilled to be back at the beach. we're already really enjoying FL although...i think i'm going to love it that much more once we're settled, i have kiele's school stuff situated and it's less than 98 degrees, with 98% humidity. it's. so. darn. hot. here.

the other week, i was enjoying watching the kids skim board and then...i saw the orange hat walk by. :-)  i couldn't help but think -- i'm exactly where i'm supposed to be. © deb schwedhelm | tampa photographer

old beach --

new beach --