portfolio updates, that is. i try really hard to keep my portfolio up-to-date. of course, there's some images that will probably never come off my online portfolio but that's because i believe in them so strongly. i feel that a current portfolio is so important, as i want my clients to know exactly what they're getting when they hire me. additionally, hopefully our work continues to evolve and grow over time and therefore, our portfolio and website should too...right?!

i'm pretty comfortable with the amount of images in my online portfolio and therefore, when i have a new photograph that i feel should go in my portfolio, an existing image must come down. well this time, it was really hard; i struggled with which ones to replace.

i hope that when people visit my portfolio, they see that i put my heart and soul into selecting images that clearly represent who i am as a photographer and what i love to shoot.

here's a few of the newly added portfolio images. you can see more here.

i so love what i do!!!