wallflower friends

i wanted to share a bit more about our amazing wallflower friends retreat -- a weekend full of sharing, learning, laughing and growing.  and the blossoming of 15 fabulous new friendships. the weekend really was incredible -- a dream come true for leah and i.  we arrived on thursday, nervous and scared. organizing. prepping. practicing.  friday evening brought our welcome reception and dinner.  by the end of the night, leah and i were in awe of the fabulous group that had come our way.  we couldn't have imagined a more magical mix of inspirational women.  and then saturday and sunday...well, we just spilled our hearts and souls and shared everything we could. sunday afternoon, we were exhausted and sad. sad that the workshop had come and gone so quickly. we longed for more!  and now...we dream about the next wallflower friends retreat, hopefully this fall, in a location still to be determined.

i also wanted to share that leah and i are super excited about the launch of our new wallflower friends blog -- a place for continued sharing, growing and inspiration.

last but not least, a few photos of the families, who so graciously volunteered to model for us at the retreat.  thank you sweet families...for everything!