take pride

from 500 pieces of prudent advice for my daughter. People will repeatedly tell you that to be truly happy, you must find a job that you love. I sincerely hope that you do. But in case you have to take a less-than-ideal position to pay the bills, there are some things you should know. Avoid any job that you find morally objectionable—you can’t reconcile your values with tasks you find repugnant. But you can earn rewards from a job that you find only mildly tolerable. When you are presented with a challenge and use your skills to meet it, you will feel accomplished, regardless of the task. That feeling is universally valid and undeniably admirable; embracing it will make work a more rewarding experience in the day to day, even if it doesn’t feed your soul.

having done my fair share of jobs to simply pay the bills... having had a job (as an RN) that didn't truly make me happy, nor did i love it... and now doing a job that i absolutely love and feeds my soul, beyond what i had ever imagined it would... i adore her advice on taking pride in your work -- no matter what the job happens to be, at the time!


i would love to do a journal of momma's advice, for my kids one day. along with a video of momma's thoughts, love and advice. i guess that that would fulfill numbers 1 and 32 on my bucket list.  not sure what i'm waiting for, but one of these days...i will.