fingers and toes

yesterday, the little ones and i got our toes done (aka a pedicure). kiele had a choice...and horseback riding won over pretty toes. ryder basically got a fab foot massage. sky ended up getting her toes and fingers done. it's always a big deal for sky, but when she ends up with pretty flowers on pretty toes and fingers, it's a really big deal. but...last night also happened to be bath night. how am i going to take a bath? i'm going to have to keep my feet and hands out.

you see, she does her best to not get those pretty toes and fingers in the water, for fear that the water may cause damage to her polish. it usually results in a mandatory very quick washing of the affected areas.

note: bath time was three hours post-manicure | pedicure.  this will actually continue for the next week or so.

so last night, i peaked in the bathroom and saw this...


and today, we're headed to st louis, to visit this awesome family. can't wait!!