canon equipment for sale

canon 5d mark II body canon 5d body SOLD canon 50 f/1.2L SALE PENDING canon 85mm f/1.8 SALE PENDING canon 24-70mm f/2.8L SOLD canon 100mm f/2.8 macro SOLD lensbaby composer with all optics SOLD canon 580EX speedlite SOLD sekonic l-358 light meter SALE PENDING canon (5d mark II) battery grip SOLD see equipment details and prices below.

my plan is to take the 5d mark II and 50mm f/1.2 with me to CA (when i'm there for the wallflower friends retreat) to have them cleaned and inspected by the canon service center (so the buyer is sure they are clean and in perfect working order), making them available to ship the end of march.  if interested in purchasing sooner, please email me.  everything else is available now.

details | pricing:

  • please click on any item below to see all equipment details and specs.
  • all lenses have always been protected with a UV filter, which you will also receive.
  • all of my equipment has been well taken care of.
  • buyer to pay price below plus shipping (with insurance). if opt out of insurance, signed waiver will be required prior to shipping.
  • visa, mastercard, money order and paypal are accepted.  if paying with paypal, please add an additional three percent (to cover paypal fee).
  • to purchase any of the equipment below, please email me.
  • if any inquiries are emailed this weekend, please note that i will be out of town and will email you when i return on monday.

canon eos 5d mark II digital camera body purchased 2/15/09 (have copy of original receipt).  original box. new: $2499 asking: $2100

canon 5d digital camera body (SOLD) original box. new: $2400 asking:  $1000

canon 50mm f/1.2L (SALE PENDING) purchased march or april 2009.  i'm pretty sure i can locate the receipt.  original box. UV filter. new: $1479 asking: $1200

canon 85mm f/1.8 ((SALE PENDING) not used much. original box. UV filter. new: $380 asking: $250 canon 24-70mm f/2.8L (SOLD) my favorite lens. original box. UV filter. new: $1339 asking: $1000 canon 100mm f/2.8 macro (SOLD) barely used. original box. UV filter. new:  $529 asking: $400

lensbaby composer with four optics (SOLD) original box. composer lens and pinhole, plastic, single glass and double glass optics. new: $375 asking:  $275

canon speedlite 580EX TTL shoe mount flash (SOLD) used once. new: $580 asking:  $400

sekonic L-358 flash light meter (SALE PENDING) barely used but i'm not sure where the shoulder strap is. new: $259 asking:  $175 canon (5d mark ii) battery grip (SOLD) never taken out of box. new:  $239 asking:  $200


i'm sure lots of people are interested in why i'm switching back to nikon. yes, i used to shoot with nikon and got drawn back to canon because of its performance at high ISOs. but i still dreamt of my nikon days. and after shooting with leah's nikon recently, i was dreaming of nikon even more. so i decided to go back. it's what my heart is telling me is right and so i'm not letting my brain say too much...i'm just doing.

don't get me wrong, i still think canon is great. really great. but i think nikon is a better fit for me.