a swirly, swirly mess

yes, my mind is a swirly mess right now--trying to focus on just one thing, yet instead focusing on everything all at once.  madly racing around from thought to thought. i have the personality that thrives on busy.  but sometimes the busy overwhelms even me.  and the anxiousness sets in, holds on tight and won't let go.  that's about where i am right now. thinking about...

nursing continuing education credits. must finish 60 CEUs before march 1st.  of course, i dread doing them, so i wait until the last minute.  and then get mad because life would have been much easier if i worked on them regularly over the two years (yes, years!!).  and then i wait longer, until it's truly the last minute.  aye!

our future tampa house. which we did not find yet.  and we continue to ponder the pros and cons of the different areas.  and different houses. something like this... more house for the money. less house but possibly better investment, but needs tons of work. near old friends. near new friends. schools are bad. schools are good. schools are great. high school is good. middle school is terrible. elementary school is great. five minutes from beach. 30 minutes from beach. pool. no pool. quiet and safe. cool and close to everything. garage. no garage. lots of storage. no storage. 45 minute commute to work. 15 minutes to work. travel for horseback riding lessons and gymnastics. minimal travel. needs tons of renovations. needs minimal renovations. will it rent? will it be a good investment? can a high school be too big? what about the rumor of money and drugs? gamble with a short sale? what's really important? and that's just the beginning of the pros vs. cons game.

our workshop. i'm so excited, i can barely stand it. but nervous too. can't help it.  it's now less than a month away.  we've given it our heart and soul, but is that enough?  and there's the last minute details that look crazy on paper, but i know it's really not. so every time i glance at the paper, i remind myself that all is okay and all will get done.

and since i'm griping...this weather. i'm so done with the cold (60-year record breaking cold). i want to shoot. outdoors. and can't. well, i can but it's too fricken cold!! i know shooting wouldn't really help my situation right now, being so busy and all. but it actually does. it calms me. even to just shoot and edit one photo. i long for it.

and then i remind myself about this amazing session in portland, shot a few weekends ago, which i'll properly blog about soon. need my mind in the right place, to do justice to this magical momma and daughter team.  a magical team who completely embraces confidence and loving and being yourself.  i'll leave it at that and share these photos.

and how excited am i to get skater socks for my entire family. thanks terri. love you. hang in there friend. and come visit me. pretty please.