hope for haiti

it's hard to believe what haiti is going through.  the devastation. the pain. the struggle to recover. and then move forward. the struggle to simply survive amongst the devastation...the suffering...the dead bodies. i watched a video of a doctor running to treat a 15-day-old baby, with head trauma.  when he found them, he learned that the mother was dead. the father passed the baby over to the doctor.  it was a head laceration. no skull fracture. the MD put a bandage on the baby's head and passed the baby back to the father.

she is going to be okay. she's going to be okay, he said.

as i watched, tears fell. is she going to be okay? would the father be able to meet the baby's basic needs? their house is now a pile of rubble, with the mother buried beneath. i can only hope.

i can't stop thinking about the people of haiti. i see their faces over and over again. the pain, the sadness--you see the devastation in their eyes.

please donate. something. anything. and offer your thoughts and prayers.  at a time like this, you just have to believe in the collective power.  you just have to.

wishing with all the hope i have to hope that haiti finds some peace, comfort and relief from this devastation...soon.