appreciating life

i've been thinking about living a lot lately--my gratefulness for simply being alive. it seems that i've been hearing about a lot of tragedies lately--people i know, friends of people i know. freak accidents. precious lives lost. and of course, the recent devastation in haiti.

then while blog surfing this morning, i came across lindsay baumgartner's video on me ra koh's blog.  it's one of the winning videos for me ra koh's incredible  SOAR competition.  i hadn't watched any of the other winning videos but for some reason, today, without reading what it was about, i decided to watch this one.

lindsay's video is amazing and had me in tears.  her story reminded me yet again to be grateful for each and every day because life is something that absolutely cannot be taken for granted.  cherish it all--every day, every moment.

also...please don't forget to donate to haiti earthquake response and relief, if you can.  every bit will help.  it's as simple as texting 'haiti' to 90999, to send a $10 donation to the american red cross.

or you could donate here and support doctors without borders in haiti.  i decided to donate to both.