my dread head

so today, my dreads are six days old...i love, love, love them.  and my family seems to be doing pretty well with them too. i really do feel that i was meant to have them, as funny as that might sound to some.  they're a part of deblocks, as four-year-old miss molly calls them.  ;-) on dread day, i met stephanie at 9 AM.  we chatted for about 20-30 minutes and i was done at 10:30 AM.  how the hell she dreads so fast is beyond me.  i have a super sensitive scalp and i can honestly say it didn't hurt.  i also expected my scalp to be really itchy and that hasn't happened either.  maybe the itchy is still to come...i don't know (hoping i don't jinx myself).  i added one little dread today, in the front, which took me about 30-40 minutes (compared to stephanie's 30-40 seconds).  it pretty much looks like shit compared to the rest, but oh, too, will fabulously evolve over time.

my plan is to do the maintenance on my dreads myself until spring, when i plan to visit stephanie again...for some real (probably much needed) maintenance.  btw...stephanie so rocks!  she's just a really incredible person and i feel blessed to have met her.  the time we shared was a magical, for sure.

will blog more another day.  in a hurry.  need to mail six client packages and pick up kiele to get a military ID and take her to an MD appointment.  then sooo many sessions to edit. these next few nights are going to be some really, really long ones.  but i'm damn thankful!!

here's a quick i-hate-taking-pictures-of-myself-but-want-to-share-my-dreads-with-you-so-i-will-painfully-do-it-anyways photo.

and here's miss molly...a one-of-a-king old soul, who i so adore!  thanks molly for loving my deblocks. :-)