in celebration

...of normal hair and welcoming the magical journey of dreads (see bottom of post) and a few questions and answers.  got this idea from a blog i love.  so here we go... 1. where is your cell phone? right next to me, although needs to be charged...soon!

2. your hair? normal, for the moment, as my 12-year-old says. to be dreaded tomorrow morning.

3. your mother? a survivor.

4. your father? i don't know. haven't talked to him in quite a while.

5. your favorite food? mexican. so yum!

6. your dream last night? can't remember.

7. your favorite drink? coffee in the am. wine in the pm. healthy, huh?

8. your dream | goal? i feel like i'm living one of my dreams, as a photographer. but i'd really love to volunteer together, as a family, hopefully while sailing the americas. and of course, continued health and happiness.  sappy, but so true.

9. the room you are in? living room.

10. hobbies? none really.

11. what is your fear? my ultimate fear would be drowning or burning.

12. where were you last night? home, working on the computer and then packing.

13. something you are not? lazy.

14. muffins: not really.

25. wish list items: hmmmm...will have to think about this one some more and come back to it.

26. where did you grow up? detroit, michigan. until i joined the air force at age 24.

17. last thing you did? took ryder to speech therapy.

18. what are you wearing? lucky sweats, t-shirt and anthro sparkly sweatshirt

19. your TV: atlantis cartoon right now, for ryder.

20. your pets? charley, the black cockapoo.

21. your friends: cherish them so!!!

22. your life: is amazing. i am so blessed and grateful.

23. your mood? excited. and a bit nervous.

24. missing someone? absolutely.

25. vehicle: volvo XC-90 and V70.

26. something you're not wearing: a bra.

27. your favorite store? anthropologie.

28. your favorite color? don't really have one.

29. the time you last laughed? last night.

30. the time you last cried? last month.

31. your best friend: i love.

32. one place you go over and over? the grocery store. ha!

33. guilty pleasure? anthropologie.

34. favorite place to eat? mexican restaurant.

35. where do you want to be six years? happy and enjoying life to the fullest with my family. always remembering to be grateful.

now your turn. if you answer the questions, please send me your link in the comments.  i'd love to read.


i'm off to oregon today! dread appointment is tomorrow. tomorrow evening, i fly to san diego, for a bunch of client shoots. home monday night. will try and share some dread photos, from san diego...either by iphone pic or with the help of a couple friends. i'm so excited for my dreads and the journey they will take me on. hoping my 12-year-old will survive because i think she thinks i'm turning into a monster, while away. hoping she (and the rest of my family) will be pleasantly surprised.  i'm so thankful for my husband's support; i couldn't do this without love and understanding.

and in celebration of my last day with normal hair, i took this photo and left the following note for kiele, on her bed:

kiele, i am so proud of you and the young lady you have grown to be. you are truly beautiful inside and out. and you, my precious child, have taught me so much about life and have made me a better person. i know my getting dreads is tough for you, but i hope in the end you will love them. i hope that you will always think i'm beautiful for my beauty inside. and i hope you will always be proud of your mother (dreads or no dreads). thank you for helping stevie with everything while i'm gone. love you to the moon and back! xo! momma