the give ten project

it's been a journey--a journey of passion and friendship.  a journey, which began about a year ago, with phone conversations amongst two friends.  and in may, evolved to the beginning of a blog.  and now i'm so excited to officially announce the give ten project.  it's a project created by  my friend, steph beaty, and i. and the most exciting thing is that it's only just beginning and we can't wait to see where it goes.  one thing that's for sure...our hearts are open! what is the give ten project about?  well, here's our mission statement:

give ten: 10 percent of your time and profits to causes greater than yourself.

it’s a whisper to anyone who’s listening - starting with photographers around the globe. give ten. give it selflessly. give it joyfully. you *can* do it.  not sure where to start? how about by giving something? the links on the right are just a few starting points. give with your camera. give with your wallet. it’s simple, gratifying and freeing.

once you start, you’ll never work the same way again. so, stop just doing business — and start giving business.

are you with us?


have an idea? want to share a giving link? or just hoping you'll say hello. visit and share with us here!