let me introduce you!

let me introduce you to my friend, erin.erin used to shoot people. and dogs. but her passion was really just dogs. her dream was to shoot dogs and only dogs (and an occasional cat). we had a long talk one day about... following your passion and dreams. and erin did!

i'm so proud of erin and how things have evolved with her business. she is one person that has been true to herself and followed her heart...and she has created the most amazing portfolio and business, in doing so. her work is absolutely magnificent. without a doubt, erin is going to be wildly famous one day and i can't wait for that day (and i mean ridiculously wildly famous!). for now, i'm excited to watch her journey and the magic she creates.

love you erin! and as i always tell you, i'm so proud of you and what you have done.

it just keeps getting better and better!

this is erin, when she was still just dreaming of shooting dogs (oct 2007).

and here is a photo she took of sky, when visiting, which continues to be one of my all time favorite photos of her.

i'm a firm believer in whole-heartedly following your passion and dreams--no matter what that dream might be.  just believe and go for it!!