some things to think about

i picked up one of my photography magazines (the july issue of professional photographer) the other day and in there was this great article--an interview with marketing guru, seth godin. i had heard about mr. godin quite a while ago from somewhere (can't remember where) and i actually own a couple of his books. so...i thought i'd share a few key questions and interesting points, from his interview:

how do you become somebody who is able to create a different sort of feature, a different sort of environment?

how do you become someone who goes to some edge where there is no one else like you?

how do you become that person where people will cross the street, pay extra and wait in line because what you do is different, better and more remarkable than everyone else in the yellow pages?

it's not how do i get the web to make my business work, it's how do i define a business that works well with the web. step 1: do things regularly that are worth of becoming viral--connecting people so they spread the word about you. step 2: don't try and make the most of your business from strangers, make the most of your business from friends and the friends they introduce you to.

making a living as a photographer is not about access to tools. anyone can buy a good camera these days. and it's much more than having the most or the best equipment. it's about doing photography worth paying for.

always remember that being a photographer is much more than taking pictures; it's about creating an experience (from beginning to end) that is remarkable and people can't help but talk about it.

definitely some things to think about.