getting situated

we're in our home and getting situated.  days have been stressful...because moving is stressful. haven't felt like blogging, shooting or much of anything...except settling. frankly, i think moving just sucks.  and when you know it's for only 11 months, it sucks that much more. i'm one of those people, whose house must be settled for life to feel settled...for life to continue as it once did, but now in a new and different location.  and while i'm definitely getting closer, i'm not quite there yet. in saying all that, i know i shouldn't be this way, but i am. and i tell myself on a regular basis to just chill out! and before i'm done whining...let me share about kansas city time warner cable. first, a contracted company comes to set up our cable...but didn't.  well he did, but after being here for over 2 1/2 hours, he left without our internet and cable working properly.  our internet is dial-up slow and we can't even use our cable box due to the signal being so low.  the cable was placed across our backyard, over our fence and across a city walking path, which is posing a safety hazard to the numerous walkers, runners and bikers, who daily use the path.  and to top the situation off...time warner has been a no-show for the past five days, even after talking to a time warner at least five times a day (and a supervisor yesterday and today).  i've sat here, day after day, waiting and waiting and calling and calling. un-fucking-believable.


just when i'm feeling a lot frustrated and a bit sorry for myself, i pause from my blogging to go visit a few of my regular blogs. i almost always start with my friends, who are battling cancer: max's team sam's kirsten sandstrom's

i also know that reading these blogs will provide me with a much needed reality check. today, i went to sam's first, as i know his health has been very up and down lately. his led me to super ryan's blog, whose i've visited on occasion in the past.


how can i really think i'm having a bad week or feel sorry for myself, even in the slightest?!!

this family is not only losing a child to cancer, but they just lost their mother/wife to cancer a couple days ago. this family's pain must be truly unbearable. i can't imagine...absolutely cannot imagine.


let me always realize how very blessed i very blessed my family is. let me realize that the "stressful, trying" times really aren't stressful or trying at all. dammit, let me realize that i don't have a single thing to feel sorry for myself about.  let me realize!