a house becomes our home.

a house is made of walls and beams;a home is built with love and dreams. - author unknown

tomorrow...our house, which was officially ours yesterday, will become our home. our household goods will be delivered in the morning and let me tell you...we are ready!! i seriously cannot wait.

last night, i woke at 2 AM. not being able to fall back asleep, my mind went over every item in our san diego house, attempting to find it a place in our kansas house. and then there would be an item (well...many), that i couldn't place and my mind began to panic. i'm just that way. everything needs it's perfect place even if it's only for a year (you already knew that terry, huh?!). if my house isn't well settled, neither am i. and my mind, body and soul are ready to once again be settled.


i did plenty of complaining about the excessive hot and humid weather when first arriving to kansas, but there are some definite things that i've already come to love here: - so much land everywhere (farm land, fields, wildflowers, trees, green) - little to no traffic - great roads - diverse weather (can't wait till the fall and winter) - puffy clouds - beautiful sunsets (different from san diego's beautiful sunsets) - one of my best friends from my AF nursing days, whom i never thought i'd be stationed with, is here - i'm anxious to explore (and support) our small town


i'm excited to get settled. i'm excited to get back to living. i'm excited to get back to shooting. i haven't picked up my camera much b/c my shooting is directly related to my life and when my life is unsettled, shooting just doesn't really happen much. hopefully soon.

hopefully soon!