art, art...i want you

if i write them and then recite them, are they worth being heard?just because i like them... does anybody care? do i dare? i ought to. inspired? my stories. how can i tell? art manifesto... great ideas come from great bike rides. pass it on. art will take you places. plant seeds. a broken heart can make great art. experiment. don't care too much. - as seen in the drawings of andrea dorfman, in the music video for tanya davis' song Art

got this link from a friend's blog. so awesome. see for yourself. watch it here.

i'm so grateful, so blessed to be doing what i love. yes... art can take you places. places beyond your wildest dreams. 


on another note. assignment stuff is complicated. still waiting for medical and educational paperwork (mess) to be completed and then i have to patiently wait for it all to go through the appropriate military channels. once that happens, kiele (and in turn, steve) will get put into an Exceptional Family Member (EFM) category. when we were at whidbey, kiele got categorized as EFM 5, which got us to san diego and put us on homestead status (limiting us to norfolk, DC and here). i have no idea what category kiele will end up being now. i'm hoping for 3 or 4--3 means no overseas; 4 means no overseas and near major medical center / major city. if kiele ends up being EFM 5 again, which i fear, i'm not sure what that will mean for us. i worry about the EFM coordinators getting jilted by the fact that kiele needs to see a cochlear implant audiologist monthly. i just don't know what will come of it all...will steve be able to keep his assignment to war college? if he does, will we be able to accompany him? or maybe steve's assignment will totally change? i. just. don't. know. sigh!

for now, we have to just keep plugging along... steve is going to call the detailer tomorrow to discuss changing his assignment to KS, which they discussed as a possibility last week. after lots of research, we decided that KS has much better options for kiele's DHH educational needs. if steve does get the KS assignment (and we can go), we'll move much earlier than anticipated b/c steve's school start date will be 1 july.


i've also been keeping really busy the past couple weeks with sessions and donated work. just today, i finished another book, the portrait book--this time for warren-walker's school auction. :-)