...and life takes a turn

do the best you can,where you are, with what you have now. - african-american proverb

my friend, teddy, at military spouse magazine, always checks on me, when i haven't blogged in a while.  today was that day.  and while everything is fine...life has taken a slight turn and suddenly the busy got even busier.  there's been a glitch with steve's orders (too complicated to explain here), but rhode island is on hold and might possibly change to kansas.  i have to complete and submit a hefty amount of paperwork regarding kiele's educational and medical needs and then we will see. for the moment...we wait and wonder.  i'm hoping to know something within the next couple weeks. but to be honest, while i've now begun in-depth research regarding schools in kansas (and missouri), i'm not holding my breath for RI or KS because it could end up being somewhere totally different.  it's all very time consuming but i try to not let myself get frustrated.  i'm a true believer that everything happens for a reason, even if that reason is not immediately evident.  i need to just roll with it all.  and that, my friends, is what i'm trying to do.  keep up.  and roll.


i also want to share my most wonderful husband--and his NBC military morning salute interview. as i watch it, i think how crazy it is that he's been gone five months. how much i miss him. and...how handsome he is!! (yes, he was a bit nervous too ;-) )

something that one of my good friends pointed out (she was born in dubai) is that steve is sitting in front of an iraqi flag that says "God is great". i thought that was very interesting. a US naval officer not sitting in front of a US flag...but an iraqi flag.

what started out as a simple photo and blurb submission to NBC news turned into this awesome video. if you're military and you have a photo or video to share, do so here. they're always looking for more stories.