making the most...of me

make the most of yourself,for that is all there is of you. - ralph waldo emerson

some days i think i have everything all figured out. how i can... do it all. balance it all. keep it all together. and do it well.

then there's the other days, where i'm fussing at my kids, at the computer way too much, have laundry overflowing, the house is a mess and i'm not doing anything very well at all.

and then... then... there's day when PMS hits and i'm on the verge of tears thinking about how i'm not doing one damn thing well at all. my head is in a fog as i try to balance it all and realize that the only thing for sure is that everything is off balance.

will i really be able to keep up with all this? with all i need and long to do? how?

then i deservedly firmly kick myself...

you can do this. you've done it before. you're overwhelmed at the moment but everything will be okay in the end. you're not superwoman. you are NOT superwoman.

at the end of the day today, i remind myself that it's okay to have bad days. and it's okay to cry.

tomorrow... i will do what i need to do most...spend time with my kids. we will go get slurpees. i will take them to the park. the two things they enjoy the most. i won't sit and read my magazines at the park. i will run. i will play. i won't think about all the stuff that lingers to be done. i will have fun and embrace what truly is most important very blessed i am.