follow your heart

follow your heart, but be quiet for a while first. ask questions, then feel the answer. learn to trust your heart.- author unknown

most of you know that following my heart is what led me into photography; as long as i can remember, i had dreamt of one day being a photographer.  well i also have always loved to teach (i did it often as a nurse), which leads me to...

i am strongly considering offering individual consulting/mentoring via phone, email, skype and/or in person. i've already started working some basic consultation information; however, each session would be customized to the needs of the person. i don't want this to be only for photographers at any certain level...and regardless of one's level, everyone's photography strengths, weaknesses, needs, etc. are different.  i still  have a number of details to work out but i wanted to see how much interest was out there regarding such a program.  one thing i can guarantee--i would be open and honest in what i share.

if you might be interested, please send me an email at