time to hear

if my mind can conceive it,and my heart can believe it, i know i can achieve it. - jesse jackson

Time to Hear. Â that is the name of the book she wrote, for her 6th grade english class assignment. i had a number of teachers suggest that i work on getting kiele's book published, with kiele's deaf itinerant basically insisting on it. so that is now what i'm working on. i've already been in contact with someone, who is going to pitch kiele's book to a publisher.

sorry for the crappy scan of the book; i had the scanner set on color smoothing so it jacked up all kiele's pictures. i plan to rescan once she gets the book back.Â

i can't even begin to express how very proud i am of kiele. Â she amazes me each and every day, with her grace, beauty, intelligence, maturity and immense amount of kindness. Â