be yourself

be yourself. above all, let who you are, what you are what you believe, shine through every sentence you write, every piece you finish.- john jakes

etsy makes me happy. actually, i'm rather obsessed with etsy at the moment. Â and i might just go broke. Â aye! Â but seriously...

i had to blog about etsy because i recently discovered that one of my friends had never heard of etsy. Â everyone should know about etsy. Â if you haven't heard of etsy, it's the most wonderful place to find anything and everything handmade. Â and i tell ya, there is some amazing stuff on there.

my recent addiction is stationery products. i really love stationery as i so appreciate a handwritten note. Â with the ease of email today, to receive a handwritten note is pretty darn special (at least in my book). but i've also bought some jewelry and artwork on etsy too.

two of my newfound stationery favs:

i'm even toying with the idea of selling some prints and photo greeting cards on etsy.  maybe in the new year. we'll see.

and i love what a friend of mine did on her blog, when she asked... have a favorite etsy shop or two? leave me a link in a comment. i'd love to take a look because my etsy addiction has only just begun. and really, who needs to go christmas shopping in a store, when you have etsy ;-)

and a shot from today. a happy day cupcake.