use your imagination

limitations live only in our minds...if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become endless. - jamie paolinetti

taken today. drawn today. looks just like me, right?!

today was a better day...well at least a productive day. Â that makes it better, right? i think so.

my day started out with my breaking my damn toe, when i jammed it against the leg of my office chair. then...i dropped off kids at school. did laundry. did a mail run. met a local framer, who wants to display my work (yay!) unloaded suitcases, from the weekend. did more laundry. grocery shopped. picked up ryder. cleaned the bedrooms and kitchen. yet, more laundry. dropped off business paperwork to book keeper. picked up sky. made dinner. cancelled dentist appointments for the three kids because of kiele's conflicting audiology appointment, only to find out today that the audiologist needs a referral, so she can't see kiele tomorrow (aye!). cooked a big dinner (which no one liked or ate).  did even more laundry (will it ever end). helped with homework for two. read books. gave baths. wondered where my husband is and why we haven't heard from him. and now...finally, i sit at my computer and am getting ready to edit photos and work on client orders.  all in a day.  and yes, besides the broken toe part, today was a better day. looking forward to tomorrow.


i've now really come to look forward to my runs every monday, wednesday and friday. i never thought i'd say that. never. i'm up to four miles (about a 9:30 - 9:50 pace) and feeling pretty good. nope, not that good. Â not good enough to add on more mileage quite yet. i've also excitedly said that i would commit to participating in the hood to coast relay: the mother of all relays (if our group is one of the ones chosen via lottery).

i keep sharing about my running ventures because i never thought i could do it. and i am. you can too. start out slow. do it right. if you haven't worked out in forever (like i hadn't), don't go out and try to run three miles right away; let your body get used to working out again. and i wholeheartedly believe that it's so good for you. not only your body, but also your mind and soul. it's a time for decompression, for cleansing. if you can't run, walk. or do any form of exercise you enjoy. do it for you. do it for your family. you need that you time.

oh yea, that damn broken toe. Â tomorrow should be interesting.


no new news on steve. i haven't heard from him. i'm assuming that he went somewhere and is away from his regular room, but i really  have no idea.Â

our days (see above) are so busy that they go by really quick. right now isn't too hard, as i think the pre-deployment work-up time away kind of prepared us for the ultimate separation. i know...some days will be tougher than others, but for now, i can honestly say that we're all doing okay. i'm grateful for each and every day, as it is another day closer to us being a complete family again.Â