the unexpected

the best things in life are unexpected, because there were no expectations. - eli khamarov

you never know what to expect at a photo shoot because so much of what happens depends on personality, age, location, etc. Â today's session was with the ogawa family and it was a really special session for them because they will be moving back to japan in december. having a great time together, talking and shooting, we roamed all around their condo complex. Â our final stop was a shady patch of grass, in front of one of the condos.

while i really try to never expect anything specific from or at a session, i surely didn't expect a car to come rolling down the hill, crash into the corner of a van, and roll onto the grass, directly where we were shooting. Â a little faster, the car would have hit the condo. Â it was actually a good thing that the car hit the van because in the process, it slowed down the car quite a bit. Â none of us saw the car coming; it wasn't until the <CRASH> Â that we turned and saw the car hitting the back end of the van. Â being in disbelief about what happened, our session ended with a phone call to the police and then a shot of the owaga family by the car (a photo that i will be giving the family because who would ever believe it ;-)). Â i told them that our session, their last photo session in the united states, was going to be a session they would never forget.

to the owaga family, thank you for a wonderful time today. Â that you for the sweet note. Â you are such an amazing, kind family.


haven't heard from steve today. Â we're hoping to skype with him in the next couple days. Â 7 PM here is 5 AM in iraq, so it works out pretty well. Â technology is incredible. Â the fact that we can talk and see steve (without any delays) is absolutely amazing and such a blessing. Â in steve's email yesterday, he said that the next couple days were going to be mostly just getting used to the time change.

today's joy...lawn mowing, grass seed placing, sweeping and watering. Â but i am grateful that i am healthy, strong and capable of doing it myself. Â and well, i now think of it as good exercise.

ryder's coughing like crazy. Â kiele has a really bad ear ache (taking her to the MD today). Â sky is healthy and feisty and full of it today. Â

all in a day.