it would be so easy to quit

keep your dreams alive. understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication. remember all things are possible for those who believe.- gail devers

meet the pacific beach babes (shawn, jodi, me and adrienne).

no, we didn't name ourselves, just tagged onto an existing group, in our area. :-) we meet every monday, wednesday and friday morning, to run together. we started out as four out of shape women, determined to run and get healthy. i hadn't run or really done any type of exercise since 2002. Â

six weeks ago, we, as the pacific beach babes ( running group), began our journey at a 4 minute run / 5 minute walk pace, for two to three miles. Â today, we ran 20 minutes, walked 5 minutes and ran another 10 minutes (running at a 9 1/2 - 10 minute pace). we started out slow. we did it right. we let our bodies get used to running. Â and next week, we're planning to run three miles. and then add minutes / miles on from there. we're pretty damn excited. we're pretty damn proud.

with my crazy schedule (and no husband around), it would be so easy to find an excuse (or many excuses) not to run, but i've never felt so good. i figure out a way to get in my runs now, instead of the other way around. Â it's not only good for my health, it's good for my soul. i'm excited. i'm determined. i believe i can do it. Â my goal is to do a half marathon, but shoot, who knows...maybe i'll end up running a full marathon.

and i'm so grateful for my new friendships. love ya girls. thanks for being so supportive and encouraging. i wouldn't be where i am today without you.


steve made it safe and sound to iraq today. Â sky said to me this morning, before school,


yes, sky.

i miss daddy.

i know sky. Â i miss him too. Â we'll hopefully talk to daddy on the computer soon and then he'll be home when it's summer time.

but all in all, we're doing well. Â between school, gymnastics, fencing and homework, we've been staying really busy. Â tomorrow, we will drive an hour to a pumpkin patch, which the kids are super excited about. Â oh, but tomorrow is also dreaded lawn mowing day. Â ugh. Â but, i'm determined to do it myself, so i will suck it up and mow on.