I am so grateful to now be in the 13th year of my photography career. During this time, I nurtured and grew a successful portraiture business and made an award-winning transition into fine art photography. I have also had the incredible opportunity to teach and mentor hundreds of photographers along the way. Teaching and inspiring is something I am extremely passionate about and I'm excited to be offering two online courses — Embracing Your Inner Artist and Project Development & Fine Art. 

Past workshop students report receiving invaluable information, feeling inspired, tons of growth, having a-ha moments, a workshop experience like no other.

Embracing Your Inner Artist  | September 9th - 29th

Recognizing and embracing the artistry in your photography is what will eventually separate your work from the work of other photographers – it is what will make your photographs special, compelling and uniquely yours. In this course, Embracing Your Inner Artist, students will will begin to explore the relationship with their individual creativity and artistry more deeply. Students will reflect and critically think about their photography and who they are as an artist. Throughout this three-week course, I will encourage you to dig deep within yourself through daily lessons and discussions, along with six assignments. I will share personal examples, successes, failures and inspirations. This class is structured to be highly interactive so please come ready to share, with an open mind and heart.

Project Development & Fine Art | October 21st - November 10th

In this Project Development & Fine Art course, students will learn the necessary skills to move into the world of fine art photography, from brainstorming a concept to developing a cohesive body of work. Students will receive lessons on topics such as concept development, the process of developing a cohesive body of work, how to prepare and present a portfolio, essential documents, and writing an artist statement. This class is formatted to allow students to be individually guided and mentored based on the place that each student is uniquely at in his or her photography journey. Daily lessons will encourage students to reflect and critically think about their current photography journey, the stories or message they wish to share, and the direction they wish to head. Throughout this three-week course, I will share detailed fine art photography information, while also assisting and guiding students with their individual creative ideas and projects. I will share personal examples of my journey from a commissioned portrait photographer to a fine art photographer. I will also feature and discuss established fine art photographers who have inspired me along the way.


How much do your online courses cost?
EMBRACING YOUR INNER ARTIST | Three-week online class via Illuminate Classes platform
Full-participation (active seat) — $325
Partial-participation (silent seat) — $250
Alumni — $150

PROJECT DEVELOPMENT + FINE ART | Three-week online class via Illuminate Classes platform
Full-participation (active seat) — $325
Partial-participation (silent seat) — $250
Alumni — $200

What is the difference between an active and silent seat?
Active or full-participation students are able to participate in assignments, ask questions, and receive personal written and video feedback from me.

Silent or partial-participation students have full access to all lessons and assignments; however, they cannot ask questions and do not receive assignment feedback. Within each lesson, there is a ‘Silent Student’ discussion section, where students can discuss, share assignments, and ask questions to one another if they wish. The silent seat option is good for those students who wish to read along and participate at their own pace..

Alumni seats are available to students who have previously taken the course. Alumni interact in the classroom as a full-participation student.

How often are your classes taught?
Illuminate Classes runs three class sessions a year (between the months of Jan - Mar, Apr - Jun, and Sep - Nov). Deb teaches Embracing Your Inner Artist class and Project Development and Fine Art class at least once each year; however, courses and dates are fluid and which classes are offered is determined prior to each registration session.

How many students are in each class?
So that Deb is able to provide a lot of individual time and attention, each class has a maximum of 20 active and 20 silent students.

How are the classes presented? Do I have to be online at specific times every day?
New information (lessons) are presented every morning (EST). Deb is in class numerous times each day to answer questions and discuss new information shared by students. Individual written or video feedback is provided for every assignment, to include a website review with the last assignment of each class. You do not have to be in class during any certain time of the day. You can visit the classroom at a time that is convenient for you and go at your own pace. Deb does recommend that full-participation students visit the classroom at least once a day, to benefit most from class.

I teach and mentor other photographers. Can I take your classes?
Deb adheres to Illuminate Classes policy which states "We do think that teachers should be able to take classes but it could be a big conflict of interest if you teach the topics that the class you want to take covers. Our teachers have poured their heart and soul into their curriculum. It is copyrighted material and cannot be shared with others or used to develop workshop curriculum. If you register for a class and you teach a similar topic, your money will be promptly refunded."

If you have any additional questions regarding my classes, future in-person workshops, or private mentoring, please reach out.