coming soon | online mini-workshop

i'm super excited to share that i'll be holding my third online breaking the mold mini-workshop via the bloom forum -- january 23rd - february 6th.  this workshop is for bloom forum members only -- so if you're interested in registering for this workshop, the first step is to become a bloom forum member. to become a bloom forum member or for additional information, please click the bloom logo below...

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This is what a few of the previous breaking the mold workshop participants had to say ...

I can't thank you enough for your amazing workshop. It went above and beyond anything I had ever expected. I came into the workshop hoping to learn more about photography, I never dreamed of the personal journey it would take me on or the growth I would have. I have come away appreciating my vision as an artist and not worrying about others. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being so open and honest. I have grown leaps and bounds and look forward to continuing to grow even more. - Stephanie

i'm so sad that our workshop is over, but i just wanted to take a minute to send you a quick note. this was the very first workshop i have ever taken, i had no real expectations. i can tell you that the last three weeks were unlike anything i thought i would experience in a photography workshop... it was almost like therapy for me, really!  i am self taught, and have struggled with the mentality that i'm not up to par because i don't have the piece of paper to prove that i deserve to be here. i finally think i'm starting to see that i don't need to be technically perfect to be great at what i do. really, i could ramble on forever but i really just wanted to say thank you! thank you for helping me believe in myself, for bringing so much passion and inspiration to me in a short time and thank you for taking the time to teach us all and for being you!! i have never really surrounded myself with a group of my peers, it's been an amazing ride. - lila

I am sad that our time has come to an end in your new workshop 'Breaking the Mold'. I have enjoyed it immensely.

We so often second-guess our instincts and I have learned lately that mine are very loud and rarely go away. It is funny too, I don't often shy away from it, unless there is fear involved - fear of rejection, fear of not being validated, fear of moving forward, fear of dwelling too much on the past, fear of trying something new, fear of the competition. Your workshop has not only validated me, my strengths, my weaknesses, but it also brought my journey to a whole other level. I hope that I will continue to adapt and transform and ask myself all the questions you asked of us in your workshop. It was fast moving, made me reflect and helped me see things way more clearly. That is a gift.

There are very few people in my life who have truly given me inspiration, made me want to move forward and try something new. But you sure have! You have allowed me to let loose and share in a comfortable and giving environment. You were warm, generous and giving!!! I so appreciated all your candor. In our short two weeks, you have definitely given me confidence, helped me make sense of the issues and doubts I have been feeling for awhile and made me want to be a better me, for my clients and for my family and friends. Everyone needs that someone to get you "unstuck". Your words, your exercises for us, and your explanation of your own photography has heightened my love and passion for photography so much more than I ever thought possible. - Sara

ONLINE WORKSHOP DETAILS: 1. This workshop is for bloom members only; therefore, you must be a member of the forum to take the workshop. If not already a member, click the above bloom logo and click JOIN to sign up. Once a member and registration is open, you can sign up for my mini-workshop within the bloom forum (under the 'Mini Workshops Information' section). 2. The workshop will run from Monday, Jan 23rd – Monday, Feb 6th 2012. 3. Active seat | $200.00 4. Silent (read-along) seat | $150 5. Registration opening in january (please stay tuned).

WALLFLOWER FRIENDS RETREAT UPDATE: Only four seats remain (three shared and one private) for our April 2012 Retreat in Half Moon Bay, CA. You can find all the details and register here.  It's going to be such an amazing weekend of sharing, learning, inspiring and growing.